BBA Commercial Construction LLC

More than 31 years of Commercial Construction Experience

BBA COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION, LLC. is a fully insured general contractor specializing in quality multifamily commercial properties for more than 31 Years. Established in Dallas, Texas, we have worked with apartment owners and management companies throughout the State of Texas for either commercial or residential.

FEATURED SERVICES: BBA Commercial Construction provides all of the materials, equipment, labor and services necessary for the construction of the project. We work with specialized subcontractors to perform all portions of work assigned. Some of our services may include applying for building permits, securing the property, providing provisional utilities on site, providing on site surveying and engineering, and disposing of or recycling construction waste. We work with subcontractors to complete specialized construction work and also manage a team of plumbers, electricians, builders, carpenters, and many other specialist.

WHY YOU NEED OUR PRO SERVICE?: Experience in the construction industry is what matters the most and through the years our company has established quite a strong reputation. Whether we are working on a rehab or new construction project our mission is to guarantee that the property owner/s receive more than they expect with our exceptional work; A great quality job for a fair price that is accomplished on time. Throughout the years we have built a foundation and what holds our company together most importantly is that we have built relationships of trust with our customers.

  • Experience

    Over 31 years on the industry

  • Professionalism

    We utilize the latest technology

  • Excellence In Work

    Get the best results for your project

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    You'll be glad you've choose BBA

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Property Damage Restoration

Fire, flood or other property damage? We sppecialize in all types of restoration.

Roofing and Carpentry

We’re experts with composition, flat and metal roofs. carpentry and framing


Small and big pipe lines. electrical. HVAC, gutters, pools, pool enclosures and spas

Stucco And Concrete

We specialize in professional concrete and asphalt, overlays, seal coats and stripping, masonry, Tile and stone, stucco, and much more

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